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28th May 2005

pennybirch5:30pm: Announcement
I'm pleased to announce that my website www.pennybirch.co.uk is up and running again, with a major update coming shortly, and that I also have a new forum at http://www.pennybirch.co.uk/forum/cgi-bin/ikonboard.pl.

31st January 2005

pennybirch5:49pm: MSN Group now active
The MSN Group Adult Writer's Forum has now been set up and will be taking over many of the functions of my website.


I'll be posting samples of text from each new novel and a selection of pictures from the old galleries. All commercial activities, amazon sales, direct book sales and portfolio sales remain with www.pennybirch.com

Other authors' work will also be available on the Group and it is an excellent forum for debate.

Penny B
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26th January 2005

pennybirch4:31pm: New MSN Group
Myself and a few others writers are starting an MSN group as a focus for writing and comment, particularly for Nexus books. Once we've filled it out a bit I'll let everyone know and hopefully it will be a success.

24th January 2005

pennybirch6:11am: Progress and Nexus
Hi all,
I'm just tidying up Indecencies of Isabelle, although I'm not quite sure where the last 70,000 words have gone, having only got half the scenes I wanted to in, while I still feel there could be more detail.

Nexus books has a new editor, with some dynamic ideas and in particular a desire to meet customer's needs. If you'd like to add your ha'porth, now is the time to do it, and I'll pass on any comments.

For instance -

What would you like to see more of in Nexus? What would you like to see less off?

Should I be putting in more sex and less story, or the other way around?

How about characters? Do you want to see more dominant females? More American characters? Younger characters, older characters? Idealised characters of realistic characters?

How can we improve sales? Are the covers any good? The presentation in general? Should I be taken out and caned in public?

(They didn't suggest that last one, but I can dream.)

8th January 2005

pennybirch5:10pm: Pennybirch.com
I'm sad to say that as of now, we are no longer able to provide updates for pennybirch.com. It has been a very important project for me, but unfortunately we can no longer justify the time and expense of regular updates. From the beginning I've said that it would remain free, and I hope the hundreds of thousands of visitors have enjoyed viewing my galleries and reading my stories as much as I enjoyed helping create them and writing them. We had hoped that sales of books and prints would be sufficient to at least cover our costs, but sadly this has not been the case, so we have no option but to stop updating. The site will remain open for the time being.

Special thanks to all those who have contributed along the way.
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5th January 2005

pennybirch11:51am: Isabelle
Hi all,
After a refreshing holiday I'm about to start on my third Isabelle book, The Indecencies of Isabelle, for which I already have almost to much detail to fit in, including plenty of lewd goings on with Stan Tierney, who seems to be strangely popular...

14th December 2004

sanitychex12:57pm: Site Updates
New Book Extract - We have another extract from Penny in Harness available. This extract describes Penny as Amber's piggy-girl and is the scene which provided the inspiration for the seventh illustration in the portfolio.

New Photo Gallery - Part 1 of "Santa's Last Present"

12th November 2004

sanitychex11:50am: Site Updates
New Book Extract - We have another extract from Penny in Harness available. This extract involves Poppy licking Amber and is the scene which provided the inspiration for the sixth illustration in the portfolio.

New Photo Gallery - "A Bonfire for Vanity part 3", the final part of a new photoset with Rosaleen.

10th November 2004

sanitychex8:16pm: You can't get away with it in real life...
From Yahoo! News

RED BANK, Tenn. - Two young women complained to police that they were spanked by their 57-year-old employer for mistakes on the job, and the boss now faces criminal charges.

One of the women told police that on her first day at the Tasty Flavors Sno Biz, before any spanking, owner Paul Eugene Levengood made her sign a statement that said: "I give Gene permission to bust my behind any way he sees fit."

The separate complaints prompted two sexual battery charges against Levengood of Cleveland, who was freed on a $2,000 bond pending a Nov. 16 court hearing.

Levengood could not be reached for comment Tuesday, and his Tasty Flavors Sno Biz shaved ice business in this Chattanooga suburb was closed.

Police Sgt. Jay LaMance said the two 19-year-old women likely accepted the spankings instead of leaving immediately because they were "brought up to respect anybody who is an authority figure."

One of the women told police Nov. 1 that she "was shocked at the incident but could not leave because she had no transportation." The other woman said she continued to work for Levengood more than a year after she was spanked and reported to police that he told her "either she could be spanked or be fired."

The Associated Press is not identifying the women because they may be victims of a sexual crime.

According to police documents, one of the women reported that on Oct. 30, her fourth day on the job, Levengood called her "into the back room of the store" after she forgot to put a banana in a smoothie drink.

She said that as punishment Levengood "bent her over his knee and spanked her behind 20 times."

She said that was one day after he "snapped a photograph of her behind" as she reached for a flavor bottle on a shelf.

LaMance said one of the women showed him photographs that had been kept at the store. The photos of women were shot from behind and in some cases do not show faces but "all you see are their behinds," he said.

"These photos are not sexually explicit," he said. "They are clothed."

At the company headquarters in Minneapolis, sales manager Tom Novetzke described Levengood as a "very Christian person." He said the company's toll-free number is very visible for employees and customers.

"We've never had a complaint," Novetzke said.

15th October 2004

sanitychex1:40pm: Site Updates
New Book with Extract - "In Disgrace" is due to be published in December in the UK (January in the US) and we now have full details of it on the site, complete with an extract to whet your appetite.

New Book Extract - We have another extract from Penny in Harness available. This extract involves Ginny's breasts being nettled and is a scene which provided the inspiration for the fifth illustration in the portfolio.

New Photo Gallery - "A Bonfire for Vanity", the second part of a new photoset with Rosaleen.

18th September 2004

sanitychex12:57pm: Site Updates
Competition - we have a winner! The winning entry "Nights in White Cotton" was sent in by Sally. You can see a full list of the suggestions on the site.

New Book with Extract - "Tickle Torture" was published in August and we now have full details of it on the site, complete with an extract to whet your appetite.

New Book Extract - We have another extract from Penny in Harness available. This extract involves Penny peeing on Amber and is a scene which provided the inspiration for the fourth illustration in the portfolio.

New Photo Gallery - "A Bonfire for Vanity", the first part of a new photoset with Rosaleen.

30th August 2004

sanitychex11:28am: Competition reminder
Just a quick reminder that the book title competition closes at midnight tomorrow. Check the site for full details.

27th August 2004

dmsherwood531:51pm: McMullan's don't Bluff
This is Kinda a Western. Only Kinda.

Don't turn your back on your Kid sisterCollapse )

21st August 2004

pennybirch3:03pm: Penny back in circulation
I'm back from holiday, greatly refreshed, and pleased to discover that there are over 80 entries for the title competition, which I'll see when the competition closes. Meanwhile, we're delaying the next update by a few days so that the result comes at the same time.
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17th August 2004

sanitychex8:56pm: Tails...
Every now and again someone asks Penny where they can get one of the plug-in pony tails used in one of the old photosets. That particular tail was a one-off creation and we hadn't seen any others for sale.

Today I found a company that does sell a variety of plug-in tails:

Pony tail - Fox tail - Bunny tail - Pig tail - Devil tail

5th August 2004

dmsherwood532:23pm: The King is not Mocked

A TeT a TeT Main a Derrière with the Countess
Apres Le Skit Le fesseseCollapse )

2nd August 2004

sanitychex3:54pm: Site Updates
Competition - Penny is looking for suggestions for future book titles. The person who sends the best title will receive three signed books. Exercise your imagination and enter our competition.

New Book Extract - We have another extract from Penny in Harness available. This extract involves Penny being caned by Amber and is a scene which provided the inspiration for the third illustration in the portfolio.

Photo Gallery - Penny apologises for the lack of new photosets recently; although she has had several photo shoots planned, various things beyond her control (including models being unwell and unexpected numbers of children at shoot sites) have prevented them from happening. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible, in the meantime you can take another look at "Domestic Discipline for Writers" and our "Lucky Dip" of miscellaneous photos.
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21st June 2004

pennybirch8:02am: Next Book
Thanks for your constructive remarks, everyone, both on the journal and sent privately. I have been meaning to follow the exploits of my alter ego's Aunt Elaine at some point, and that could include April, who was introduced in Tight White Cotton.

Pairing Gabrielle and Monty also seems to be popular, and a deeper exploration of the sort of rough characters in the Isabelle stories.

I won't be starting for a while, as I'm off to do some "research" in Champagne, but further comments are always welcome.
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17th June 2004

dmsherwood5310:39am: LOCAL JUSTICE
The following is metioned for the s/m content and if anyone would like to use it as an incident in a story.Warning it is a bit of a Friend of a Friend story I don't witness to its actuality
Girl gangs get it in the ArseCollapse )

15th June 2004

dmsherwood5311:03am: SPANKING FANTASIES
Have come into coupla hundred pounds and am trying to get some spanking fantasies of mine illustrated- nothing fancy pen& ink or charcoal sketches.
Have come up with more idea than I could possibly afford to have done.Thought I might share them with you.
Be warned I believe with youmei that a Fantasy is neither Politically Correct or Incorrect. OK Onwards
Read more...Collapse )

15th June 2012

dmsherwood537:56am: Story Series Idea
Since Prackett piss-take Epic Sagas are big. Its time for a rip off of Moorcock
arse agoniser cheek chastizer buttock blisterer

How can I sing of its fame.

Even Valrikes clutch their bums reflexly look distracted and bluster inscincerly 'Well I WOULD but one hasta look after the HAIR you know'rather than face its throbby smart of Fanny Smacker

Dianne serene goddess of chastity was a wild child and Athene a pot-smoking C- student before Zeus borrowed the RUNE-PADDLE for a long weekend en-famile

Got an tear stained apology for streaking from the Venus de Milo Statue

Would have helped bring out the true self of Circe whitch Queen mistress of men as a shy English Clergyman's wife

Cured the Virgin Mary of masturbating

Could turn the scheming Loraxia Borgia into a deeply caring Company Wife

Eve would have sticked to a meat-only diet

Could make germain Greer into a Good German HauseFrau

Joan of Arc would have been cowed into learning to Act Cute and Hook the local squires son

Got a civil word out of Roseanne

9th June 2004

pennybirch9:54am: Petting Girls is finished!
I've just finished Petting Girls (80,000 words in 12 days) which features Amber Oakley, puppy-girls, strip wrestling, nappies and all the usual fun.

The format is different, just five chapters but each packed with long, intense scenes, which has allowed me to really go to town on the description and smutty detail.

I have another Natasha novel in mind, and also an Isabelle, but for various reasons would like to hold both off for a while. Does anyone have any suggestions for which viewpoint character I should tackle next?
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24th May 2004

sanitychex12:02pm: Site Update
New Book Extract - We have another extract from Penny in Harness available. This extract involves Penny being fucked while in harness and is a scene which provided the inspiration for one of the illustrations in the portfolio.
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