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The King is not Mocked


A TeT a TeT Main a Derrière with the Countess

Kneeling the Countess spanked the upturned pert buttocks of the three princesses bare-assed prone before her on the bedspread. Working her way in turn left middle right then repeat the cycle like a housewife briskly knocking the dust out of 3 carpets hung before her on the line Stopping at one station until she exerted some sign of anguish from proud monarch-to-be them moving on to the next. Back and fro like an agonising bobbin in the hands of a skilled weaver The bolster propping pampered young fannies posing them as some perverse heraldic display - trey derriere rampant- jutting them up and out to receive shock after stinging shock from the chastising palm. One so jet-black, one so snow-white, one the light olive of a peeled almond. Soon to be black-cherry, flushed the colour of mashed strawberries and cream, the salmon-tinged dusty khaki of a sweet potato.


The king had given the order for the right royal paddy-whacking

The 3 hostages had mocked him before his Court and would smart for it

He was loco parentis and had the power of life and death over them so of course he could order hot botties all around.

He was too prissy to take on the task himself though protocol said it was his unalienable privilege

None of the men of the court where up to it. Several had fantasies of pounding intimate parts of the noble ladies torsos but of the ventral rather than the dorsal aspect.

Servants were a different matter though this of course would be le majeste for them to actually apply corrective sanction; to punitively pound unveiled royal crupper. Would be a levelling experience to find it as smackable as their daughter's.. Find royal ladies susceptible to the same hands-on correction as a barmaid found giving short change. Might unhealthily stimulate imagination as to whether a king's head might lop off as easily as a cabbage. Courtiers sighed the King's queasiness over a half hours not unpleasant exercise and some warm tingling in his hands was threatening the realm. The Old Queen his mother had ruled a Court of Violent men and Passionate Woman with icy Wit. She would have reduced the Leader of this little conspiracy, the Nubian, to tears with a few caustic words and a single slap. The King wasn't a tenth of the Man his mother had been .It was a moot question over who needed to be taught their place. Still the ordinance had been made. Royal Orders had to be seen to be obeyed. Or all our Fannies are in a sling.

Countess dead Mother was a Royal Nurse historically given permission to punish royal brats under direction from the Ruler. It was a stretch to apply the term to near-adults approaching menarche but they had not been received at court. The term Teenager had not been invented. The Law if not ones eyes said they were infants.


The Countess was ambitious this was a step up. Dangerous she had no illusion that grudges would fade with the resumption of the ability to sit without pain. If she ever in her life travelled in the Royal Wards native lands no doubt some accident would befall. Even in the King's Court it would make her life long enemies, Still being unofficial SPANKER OF ROYAL BRATS had a certain elan. With skill it could be traded on to give her Real power. She'd do it.


The mockers of the king the threateners of the kingdom entered the Countess private Bedroom like 3 exquisite dolls of privilege and pose. Perfumed icons of wealth and breeding. Surprised at the posse of servants without the usual bowed heads and genteel deference no doubt rather with a calculating aggressive manner and with a reek of spirits and Dutch Courage about them. They had hauteur enough to ignore it. Servants were a convenience one used when the need arose otherwise invisible and ignored. They expected rebuke a dressing down but did not expect the raw literacy this would take. They expected their wit and verbal dalliance to carry them through.

The Countess tapped her fan and the servants pounced

The room resounded to an unruly disrobing a determined battle between those used to deference and those trained to it but under transcending orders. Many had prepared hellcats of a lower order for whipping this was much the same. More and Fancier clothes to divest. Perfumed flesh instead of reeking sweat but its the same anatomy when you get down to the bottom nitty-gritty.

Corn-rowed hair sweeps the sheets its ordered perfection snarled as head ploughs the sheets darts left and right 'How do I get out of this'
Her leather skirt trimmed with wolf fur skits full of thongs and hanging amulets is unlaced at the waist dragged over her head
Leaving short britches below knee length skin tight embossed with red and blue tooled leathers she could be spanked through this they are paper thin young unborn calf-skin no protection but the King has given his dictate Besides the Countess believes in doing a neat thorough job. Much swearing as is yanked down apparently only her personal servant has seen her complete nakedness before. Leather bustier and gold torc left inviolate this morning's business is the lower discipline we won't be concerned with that half of her anatomy. Rump exposed Caligorithun resplendent tough this early morning rides on the Sengetee. Unashamed aplomb angry amusmentImpossibly she breaks free blows skilled by masters strikes home authoritatively. Sudden lack of nerve in her opponents though they have the wheming advantage leads to a temporary stand off the girl magnificiant in her fury standing like a bronze statue but life does not live up to romance skill can be blunted by ignorant many. A unexpected shove from behind knee buckles worried to the ground dragged like a piece of meat to the altar of dishonour.

Number can overcome skill

Straight black hair squarely cut off perfumed snarl and tangle
Steady black-eyes capable of being cold and obstinate.
Her silks rumpled and rucked up to unwrap multi-layered Christmas parcel to un-peel the royal nates bare and undefended, Hissing Hauteur.
Flahing eyes cutiing wit withering scorn unfortunately this is over the Heads of most of her hearers as the Eastern lordling speaks only Cantonese. The Countess got a little of it as the scion of the Middle-Country made her way volentarily ,if a bit self deflating with her ass exposed to all, to lie over the bolster like taking tea with her peers. Resisted the urge to break the mood with a strategically aimed slap at the retreating tush. Tried hard not to feel reluctant admiration failed slightly.
Jade and agate wired together into a shimmering chain mail panties a chastity belt?

Like a peach her arse that is the stereotype but that's too baroque and florid small a little girls behind say but no one who had the pleasure of seeing her secret poplual places would be so banal think of something a master of the calligraphic art would lime with three flicks of his wrist Think delicate china for the personal use of the Emperor.

Milady took the longest to strip to reduce to show-ass Reduce Readdy to receive Punishment Sir! state
Her stiff overdress with the peals and embossed embroidery was a maze of hooks and lacings under lacing. The Countess came to respect the craft of the dressor. With the vigorous non-co-operation of the wearer time hang heavy and glutinous. Hot sweaty effort with no end in sight.It took 15 minutes of unbuttoning unlacing wresling unwilling hands through jams of tangled fabric to get down to the petticoats but how many can one bloody woman wear anyway.?White wisps lemon sorbet layer upon layer deping to orange taffeta with gold trimmings cream and raven black chiaroscuro eye tricking;violet and blue beetle wing blue; cunning aplache work . Add to this a screaming clawing no not kitten that's too cute a full-blooded young tiger & some of the servants were wishing they'd claimed an atack of the ague been visit their mother this was not a bit of a lark they were drowning in fine lace staining it with the blood of fine scratches and an occational bite.
Farce was avoided by the captain of the guard who got a rope from the stables; threw it over a ceiling-beam and conscripted 3 brewers assistant got a loop around both the teeth loostening nose-busters that were the Golden Haired darlings amber fine tooled high-heeled button and hook calf-boots. A motly crew hauling on the rope and the termagent was yanked feet to ceiling . The boots were worth the coin spent on them they held. Afew jerks on the line and a shake and a kaleidoscope of femalelaugerie fountained down to form a funnel with that pearl in the oyster ,black peal as it happened , un eoyal derriere flauted at eye level in velvet fillageed pantaloons.
If the Kingdom had been a Democracy the Provincial Lass would have been spanked on the vine so to speak as she floated handy
It was simple really once the decision had been made to literally cut the Gordian Knot no to care for
exquisite embroidery worth a small country manor years of work from a kingdom's worth of crafty craftwomen.Men-at-arms hacked at the multi-layered cloth with hocked razor-keen sabers designed to clear underbrush for boar hunting. With scurrying Chambermaids darting in to slash panels of lacing and pull and tear free An orgy of tearing slashing and ripping that left the bedroom floor a trip-worthy kaleidoscope of soft intimate female undies. Milady squealed like a favourite lapdog was being butchered
1. C'est plus mauvais qu'une fouettée (Trans)This is worse than a whipping
2. The Countess breezily countered in te same language Aucun mon agneau doux qui est votre parler raide de cou. Votre petite culotte vous indiquera bientôt une histoire différente. (Trans)No my sweet lamb that is your stiff neck speaking. Your poor little rump will soon teach you a different story
She even offered to strip herself nude. No one believed her or at least the Countess didn't which came to the same thing
Quarter hour of destruction left the blonde chit of royalty dangling grotesque still elegant dressed above the waist with Golden curls some spiky with sweat flattened unkempt flow like a torrent of coins this way and that as baffled anger outrage and attempts at savoir-fair battle at an impossible task. With a raggedly muff a mini-micro ruff 3" or so trying and failing to save her modesty trailing a sheaf of semi-translucent threads dangling to the floor for she was still boots to the ceiling. Swaying at eye level was the pearl that had been quested for la derriere. A black pearl for it was sequested in filagree velvet pantaloons teasing handiwork to entice a lovers eye.
If it had been a democracy she would have been spanked on the vine so to speak as she dangled there but the Countess was a neat precise woman .Her career and her chances of a good marriage depended on this fanny-warming. She wasn’t being to fudge off the king with a more slap on the skirt to a bobbing target Professionalism in all things

Getting the fiery eyed wild-child into spanking position was tricky but luckily (or unluckily acording to your POV)several of the soldiers who had gathered for the free show had experience had experience man-handking unwieldy objects like cannon on to ships,A rope tied to each wrist ,paid for in red cat-scratches, a couple of strong kitchen wenches hauling just so on each an easing of the boot rope & she most nobly born was floated through the air over the narrow bed-poster.A cry from the Captain three ropes released simultaneously anf she-of-the-black pabtaloons was plopped bent over the bolster in the middle space posed just right. A man 2 woman and a boy sprung to pin her. She-who-will-soon-be-spanked is so dazed by that only a spit of scandalized pride and a futile wriggle marked the countess rolling velvet pantaloons to half-mast to her knees naking snow-white powdered nates..

Three blue-blooded asses now moon the ceiling like brides awaiting bridegroom anticipating their fate. A s/m 3 Graces.

Kneeling the Countess spanked the upturned somehow defiant pert buttocks of the three princesses bare-assed prone before her on the bedspread. Working her way from butt to butt. Striding her way around the cluster of servants iron-gripping the futile struggling blue-blooded legs. Arms held acheingly stretched to the other side of the bed Faces half choking; pressed into cool silk sheets while rears unwillingly uplifted buck and jerk and grow warm with paddywhacking. Buttocks flattening and wobbling like jelly being chased around a dish.

Bottoms more familiar to a powder puff than being tested to destruction

The bolster propped up pampered young fannies posing them as some perverse heraldic display - trey derriere rampant- jutting them up and out to receive arse-ache slap upon slap from the chastising palm.

The bum-basting went on in cycles; bursts of biting; stabbing sting


left: so jet-black

middle: so snow-white

right: the light olive of a peeled almond

repeat cycle

. Soon to be

left: black-cherry,

middle: mottled like a dish of mashed strawberries and cream,

right: the salmon-tinged dusty khaki of a sweet potato.

Feeling the glow of a crucible of pain. A dozen or so cubic inches of battered rump-flesh just avast of their hip-bones; perched at the base of their spines

The Countess spanked like a housewife knocking the dust out of 3 carpets hung before her on the line Stopping at one station until she exerted some sign of anguish from proud monarch-to-be them moving on to the next. Back and fro like an agonising bobbin like a malignant bee flitting from backside to backside leaving multiple sting indeed and inflamed marks of its passage Hardly pausing between bursts of spank to one hiney before passing on to the next. The Countess was a fine Horsewomen she could keep this up for as long as it took. She was aiming at equality of affect rather than equality blameworthiness. She had not listened to the Court gossip about 'Whose idea was it?' or ' X was just in it for a joke' The king would be impressed by equality of abjection. 3 cringing weeping wretches. That was her centre of the target. The port she sailed her vessel of fanny-bruising too. The African she had placed as a natural athlete a toughie while the geisha she contemptuously dismissed as a social ornament An elfin creature pliant to any will. Lily-white arse somewhere in between. Cunning vicious but weak. She weighted her spanks accordingly 6 ass-whacks per cycle for the big absorbent ass of the Negro 3 licks for MyLady 1 glorified slap for the ex-kimono wearer. Like any good craftswoman she adapted her methods to the material. When first efforts on the left-hand girl were taken too well she upped the dose to 9 then a dozen and a half. The French adolescent took her punishment well from the spankers POV she yelped and wriggled though disappointingly no pleading. The Oriental was a surprise she took chastisement with stoical calm it took serious spank to make her tears run almost at the Equatorial girls blistering level to make her wince.

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