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McMullan's don't Bluff

This is Kinda a Western. Only Kinda.

MaryJane is the name. It’s a name given to nice girls I look the part but I've not had an easy life and appearances can be deceptive. Still people underestimate me they don't do it twice. Dad always kept us on a short lead. Shit never mind the fancy talk he wallopped us good and often especially after Mother died. Seemed we couldn't turn around without ending up skirts flung up bloomers snatched down over the sawing horse in the barn. In those days Carol and me were not exactly friends then friendly enemies despite the 5 years between us. There is nothing like having to parade pink fannies before the fireplace while missing dinner to form a bond between sisters. As the years went on the bond frayed and turned to cold dislike. The spankings went on but I seemed to be catching more than my share. Who stole my toys and broke them? Who got swatted for it and caught it double for trying to explain? Prize for guessing. Carol learned and learned fast how to wheedle and sweet-talk herself outa 3 tanning's out of 5. Me I guess I had too much stubborn Non-conformist blood in my veins I just took my Lumps even when they weren't my Lumps so to speak. Things hotted up when as Carol put it her equipment arrived. Staying out late talk of her being seen on the waste ground with the Macy boys. For a while there it wasn't me that was catching a larraping. Couple of times she cried herself to sleep on my shoulder. Couldn't last o'couse she caught the eye of a State politician who liked jail-bait and moved in with him in the State Capital. Envy her Hell yes I envied her. I was railroaded towards being an old maid at the age of 12 I figgered. Coupla years of keeping house and mucking out the stable. Then along came Bob. Bob was kinda dumb and weak but decent (I thought ) and he seemed to have the hots for me. It never went further than a little titty-feeling in the back paddock but I had hopes. Yes I know Sad. Then a visitation from above. Carol came home; home for a visit. A Preen rather she'd got a junior position in an Advertising Firm and reading between the lines was sleeping her way to the top Took the chance of a Labour Day Weekend to rub the rubes back home in how much of Losers they were. She lost me bringing up my pre-teen nick-name of 'Runt'. Catching her eyeing Bob's butt as he slung her cases out of the truck was the cherry on the cake. God hates a coward so I upfronted her out back where she was having a cigarette, strictly against house rules but Father seemed to be in celebrity worship mode. Felt like talking back to a Teacher. Carol screamed cultured adulthood and the good life with her tailored clothes and expensive scent. God she must have abused her credit card rotten just for this visit . Talk abou being the tramp's daughter! Enough of this I've nursed this bitch through an attack of the squitters.

"Bob is mine. You can screw for the State Team but keep your manicured Fingers off."

"Honey when I can get Prime Steak. I don't need to slum for Chuck-End"

"I know you. You live for your Pussy "

"Spank Me If I do"

"Don't Think I won't". McMullan's don't Bluff"

Caroll gave me a cool weighing up glance. It was the nearest to taking me seriously she'd got to. But it was bravado it sounded brassy even to me. She'd always dunked my head in a puddle in our childhood quarrels and easy living hadn't yet make her soft. It was work hardened against Gym muscle but she could still give me 100 pounds and excluding the equipment (Tits and Ass) none of it flab.

"Runt You and the State Troopers Maybe"

. I knew which way it was going. More fool me. I'd given Carol a challenge. She could resist anything-hard work for example- but a challenge and the chance of a little nookie. Sneaked out of bed stayed up 2 hours in the kitchen. Part of the time I was preparing the Sunday Lunch. The rest that'd be telling don't be impatient. Made myself a coffee from my father's private stock and smoked one of Carol's cigarettes the coffe tasted fine the other people like this shit?. Boredom upon boredom but us McMullan's are a stubborn breed .Started out of a doze to hear muffled giggling 2 people meeting at the back door. Heard them creep to the barn whispering love-talk. Gave them maybe quarter of an hour to get serious. & padded after into the moonlight an avenging angel.in crepe slippers. Barn door creaked revealing storm-lantern lit scene that Playboy would find too risque Rustler maybe. Carol was giving head like a starving calf filling its belly. Bob's cock was bigger than I'd imagined it. Felt acid lemon-sorbet flutter of lust in my pussy. Adrenalized awareness of my own sweat of every stalk of straw.

Me (Flat and Angry) "This is keeping you hands to yourself?"

Carol (Like a cheeky child that knows her father is Town Mayor & she's spank proof)' "I lied'"

Me (so like my father's spanking voice it makes my own backside tingle)"I did'nt"

She struck up an amused Adult dealing with uppity girl smile and stuck Bob's cock back between her teeth. Bob gave me a goofy smile. Smile fell off both of their faces as I stepped out of the shadows and revealed that I was holding my Dad's Shotgun. Strained silence as I put the cross-bar across the Barn Door. It would take a strong man to break in with an axe.

Me (Brisk Cheerful Commonsence Tone of Voice) "OK Bob. If you don't want your new girlfriend to taste buckshot howsabout you zip up Put her over your knee and give her lets say 3 dozen first class whacks with the palm of your hand. I saw the way you licked your younger brother last summer down by the water hole that'll do just fine. It much the same with Female Fanny you just hit twice as hard. More Fatty padding you know"

Carol to Bob: "Do it.McMurdoch's don't Bluff".

Lots of undignified repositioning. Couple of Squeals Trim buttocks face the ceiling. Gucci shoes dangle. Coiffured Face inches from the straw. Bob paws at Carols Ass

Bob "I just can't do it!!"

ME (sarcastic. God he was weak.) "Oh aint it sweet he REALLY cares"

Carol (regaining her cool; Gotta hand it to the girl I coundn't have done it posed spank ready) "At that range your gonna put a hole through me you could put your fist into. Not matter how pissed … "

Me beginning to really enjoy myself. the-Bob-poaches-her-ass had been only PLAN One. I always liked PLAN Two. More Melodramatic. I've always had a taste for cheap Melodrama.

ME "Oh you'd be right I aint that crazy, Pissed you don't know what pissed is working your share of the chores these handful of years gone. But then when I said buckshot I lied (Dramatic Pause. You could hear everybody breathing. God I was enjoying myself)

ME (cont) "Must run in the family. This here shotgun is primed with Kansas Rock salt and best store bout black pepper. The sort only my Daddy can wolf down. Half a pinch to a whole panfull must be 2 ounces in here.Your going be eating breakfast standing up for a week "

Carol "You Bitch. I'm gonna …."

ME "Wrong Miss too-cute-to-spank. I'm in charge for once & by the way watch your language I aint the one whose still got a Man's cum drooling outa her pretty rosebud mouth. For calling me that if I'd got the time I'd hog-tie you cut you out of those fancy duds and re-introduce you to a good old-fashioned slow but thorough Kansas hot lapping. Since my Father will be in here in 10 minutes with all the noise we're making havta to make do with a technological crutch"

"Tell you what I've only got one barrel loaded I figure 6" spread pattern's not enough for the whole of that fine womanly ass you got there. Give you a choice Left Buttock or Right".

Carol (slow and hard) "FUCK. YOU."

Me (Cool as a winter icicle & our winters are cold here in the Mid-West ) "Wrong Answer. Left it is. Prepare to call for MaMa"

Bob was weak I just said it. But he wasn't a coward. Hell I'm still making excuses for him. Let's say he'd watched too many movies where Cool Hand Luke takes charge at the last moment and sorts out the bad guys. Anyway he made his move while I was playing the principal who doesn't want to hand out a paddling-talking too much its not usually my problem. He was big enough to handle me easy and the shotgun didn't enter the equation. I was still soft enough on him that I hardly think I would have fired on him. If I had then it'd been a Cat-Fight between Carol and me and I've already said I couldn't take her in a fair fight. Wouldn't been pretty the Crimson Avenger ends up OTK.. Maybe God was on my side I don't say it but there's all those Texts about the Chastising Rod . Nah I'm not saying I was God's strong right arm not serious anyway. Anyway Bob started with 175 pounds of girl-flesh , I'm not going to call her a woman, in his lap.. That's kinda a handicap. They got entangled ias the polite word. Bob bless his heart. was too much of a gentleman to toss Carol aside like a snot rag and charge me which probably would have worked. I circled around looking for a clean shot but all was confused wrestling match of limbs thigh's. Oh I could have shot her in the Tit's the Gut it would have probably have hurt as much. But I had a mental picture of Carol waddling around maybe 7 maybe 9 ,one of the few times her mouth had got her into trouble instead of offloading it on me, wailing her rear bright as a cranberry. That is what I was working for. Poetic Justice so shoot me. Back to the action. Bob was getting one foot braced to lever Carol to her feet and his ,still unzipped groin was dead center in my sights cock waggling in the breeze. My finger twitched gotta come clean I've said I had a weakness for Melodrama that and poetic justice both but I was after the Organ Grinder (Pun. What Pun? Oh Yeah) not the monkey. Well hung monkey I thought ruefully. Dad had finally awakened and was hollering and a'banging on the Barn door. Soon he'd get an axe and our little drama would be…. Bob almost made it then he handed it to me on a silver platter. He'd got to his feet and was helping Carol to hers all-the-time shielding her from my gun. Bingo. His foot slipped in dollop of horse-shit and he landed flat on his back in panic grabbing at Carol who jacknived at the waist presenting her rear to me in pretty much the classic naughty- girl-bending-over-to-receive-the-cane posture. Christmas. She knew it too and gave me a despairing glance over her shoulder but Bob weight as he lever to get his feet under him braced her there for maybe a second. I didn't need halfa that. Yelled to Bob "Thanks. That makes us even" Two steps forward joyous crack of my palm a real Dust.-Knocker-Out of a smack. "That's for calling me Runt" Two steps back line up the sights "This is for messing with the boyfriend"

Flash of gunpowder defining report guns aren't meant to be fired indoors. Father outside began to attack the door scientifically panic clumsying his actions; black stain of black powder stains designer labelled cloth; tear appears down one side exposing ruffles of black lace panties; neither cloth nor panties is barrier to spray of stinging particles pass tattooing skin sinking into meat deeper almost to the bone.

Carol was still strong despite her heroin-chic figure or at least found inner strength in arse agony. She jerked free from Bob's half-hearted grip and commenced the Penitents' Jig dancing from one leg to another futilely trying to knead some comfort into flesh shock injected with condiments acid biting to an inch ,inch and a half depth. Danced back barn door was shuddering on its hinges by then our little drama was almost over got good sight of Carol tricky target jumping from foot to foot whirling around but I'd hunted possums by moonlight "You know what I sad about only one barrel being loaded ?" I said. She gave a little girl's wail and began to turn to hide her posterior in the corner but I was too quick for her I feinted and she dodged the wrong way giving me a snap shot. "I lied" I said and turned the other cheek by giving her the other barrel in her right buttock.

I laughed gave Bob a good one in the groin with the stock of the shot-gun as a goodbye gift. "NOW we're even" I said. Tossed the gun to the floor tweaked Carol's nose ,who was trying most earnestly to cram her butt into a 6" horse-trough with an inch of rank water and making noises Like (sorry for the cliche) a bear with its bum on fire. Unbarred the Door "Right do your worst. I've made my point!"

Lying face down in the straw locked in the Attic bare ass still stinging and red-striped from Dad's expertise with the belt belt and pink blotched from the more clumsy walloping of Bob I smile through the snot-clogged hiccups; of exhausted sobbing a warm glow of satisfaction in my stomach setting fair to beat the throbbing incineration in my naked rear. Below stairs rage crying and yells as goose-grease poultice having failed to quell nether fires bread and chilled buttermilk is tried and fails in its turn. Giggle and hug myself cry "Ow" as my bum bites me. Smile and play in my head some Tamme Warnete Ballad ,or is it Jonny Cash, a piece about Betrayal and Revenge anyway.. Love hurts so why shouldn't Revenge.

Tomorrow Hell as Scarlett said Tomorrow is another Day.

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