Penny Birch (pennybirch) wrote in penny_birch,
Penny Birch

Progress and Nexus

Hi all,
I'm just tidying up Indecencies of Isabelle, although I'm not quite sure where the last 70,000 words have gone, having only got half the scenes I wanted to in, while I still feel there could be more detail.

Nexus books has a new editor, with some dynamic ideas and in particular a desire to meet customer's needs. If you'd like to add your ha'porth, now is the time to do it, and I'll pass on any comments.

For instance -

What would you like to see more of in Nexus? What would you like to see less off?

Should I be putting in more sex and less story, or the other way around?

How about characters? Do you want to see more dominant females? More American characters? Younger characters, older characters? Idealised characters of realistic characters?

How can we improve sales? Are the covers any good? The presentation in general? Should I be taken out and caned in public?

(They didn't suggest that last one, but I can dream.)
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